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It is impossible to abrasive blast steel and apply coating in the same day?

It is impossible to abrasive blast steel and apply coating in the same day?

  • Posted by: Keith Gabbard
  • Category: Abrasive Knowledge

It Can’t be Done!

It is impossible to abrasive blast steel, apply 3-coat coating system and ship the same day – correct?

Well, that’s just what we did in the Midwest area 2 weeks ago.

same day coating systemOur customer (fairly large Fabricator) was running late in the fabrication process of producing pipe.  So late that they only finished fabrication of 5 pipes (each > 50’ long, ranging from 42” diameter to 16” diameter) the morning of the day they had to be shipped!

There was no way to ship out that same day, right?

Fortunately for the Fabricator, they were using our Wasser Coating Moisture Cured Urethane 3-coat system.

The pipes were abrasively blasted beginning at 10:30 that morning (to an SSPC SP-10 at 2 to 3 mil profile).

After blasting, the pipes were moved to the Paint Shop were the Wasser Primer (with PURQuik Accelerator) was applied to 3 to 5 mils DFT.

By 12:30, the painter was applying the Wasser Intermediate coat at 3 to 5 mils DFT (again with PURQuik).

At around 2 pm, the Wasser topcoat was applied at 2 to 3 mils DFT (with PURQuik).  Total system film build was 8 to 13 mils DFT.

After drying for around 1 hour, all 5 finished pipes were loaded onto the Flatbed Trailer – and were on the road by 5:30 pm – SAME DAY.

FYI – the weather conditions that day were good – 55` F at 10:30 am – high of 65` F – 59` F at 5:30.  RH was a bit high – but favorable to Moisture Cured Urethanes – and ranged from 72% to 62% for the time frame.

So, yes Same Day coating systems can be successfully applied – given the right coating system selection!

Please call TCR at 314-241-5333 if you would like to discuss rapid coating systems of Wasser that are also cold curing (down to 10` F) and tolerant of high RH% (up to 99% RH!).

Author: Keith Gabbard
Keith Gabbard has been helping blast shops and industrial painting contractors for almost 40 years and he understands the keys to improving blasting systems that can make a huge difference in your performance and profits.