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Abrasive Blasting Media Product Line

Blast Abrasive Products

TCR Blast Abrasives only offers Abrasives that are very in low in free silica content (much less than 1%) – hence no “sand” or quartz products.

Additionally, we do not market coal slags primarily due to performance deficits compared to our High Performance Abrasives.

Disposal costs for Blast Operations’ spent abrasive waste stream typically exceed $100 per ton (when identified as Non-Hazardous) once freight costs are included.  Therefore, it is imperative for Blast Operations to utilize High Performance Abrasives which have the lowest Consumption Rate – “less in” translates to “less out” regarding the Waste Stream and thus lower overall cost.  Typical coal slags exhibit high consumption rates/dusting and will greatly increase disposal costs.

We deliver High Performance Abrasives to locations throughout the US.  Most of our truckload orders are sourced out of point of origin of the Abrasive - such as Norfolk VA, Houston TX, Baltimore MD, Louisville KY, Chicago IL and others.  By selecting Abrasive origin location closest to our customers, we are able to deliver Abrasives at the lowest possible cost.

We offer consultation and ordering on the following lines:


(All Much Less Than 1% Free Silica):

  • High Performance Copper Slags - low consumption rate and high production rate at very moderate cost – and very low dust

Industrial Maintenance Coating Systems:

  • Gulf Coast Coatings – specialty coatings & floorings
  • Wasser – moisture cured urethanes (lo-temp, hi-humidity DTM coatings)
  • Devoe Coatings - complete line of industrial coatings

Chemical Resistant & Decorative Flooring Systems:

  • National Polymers – complete line of polymer floor coating systems
  • Gulf Coast Coatings

Primary & Secondary Containment Systems:

  • Instacoat Premium Rubber – Fluid applied rubber lining with 1 minute set times - roofing and waterproofing
  • Gulf Coast Paint
  • Devoe Coatings

Specialty Offerings:

  • Highland International EXTERIOR Dry-Fall Epoxy & Urethanes
  • Instacoat Premium Rubber – Fluid applied rubber lining with 1 minute set times - roofing and waterproofing
  • Blast Operation Tune-Up
  • Failure Analysis – Expert Witness – Value Engineering Alternatives
  • Accessa – full line of Electrostatic paints

Architectural & Commercial Coatings:

  • Farrell Calhoun – full line of architectural & commercial coatings
  • Devoe Paint - premium architectural paints
  • PPG Pittsburg Paints - complete line of industrial and commercial coatings