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Black Max Copper Slag

**NOTICE: We no longer market or sell Blackblast coal slag due to impending CCR (Coal Combustion Residue) legislation. The EPA is mandated to rule on coal slag later this year as a CCR, and, in our opinion, the likely outcome will be that spent coal slag will be labeled as Hazardous Waste.

Based on this, we have new and better abrasives available, like SharpShot Copper Slag. Please call us at 314-241-5333 to find out more.

Black Max Copper Slag

  • Economical blast abrasive
  • Wide range of sieve sizes available
  • Silica free (<0.1%)
  • Available in 50 lb bags, 3000 lb super sacks, and bulk
  • Tech Data Sheet (PDF)
  • MSDS (PDF)

Please contact call us at 314-241-5333 for additional information

Coal Slag - Blackblast

Abrasive Type: Coal Slag
Shape: Angular
Bulk Density (lbs/cu.ft.): 90 lbs
Specific Gravity: 2.7
MOH Hardness: 6 to 7
Crystalline Silica Content: < 0.1%
Potential for Embedment: Med (8%-20%)
Dust Levels: Med to High
Abrasive Fracture Potential: Med to High
Chloride Content: Varies
SSPC SP-10 Near White
(over new steel Rust Grade A/B)
Production Rate (sf/hr): 125 sf/hr
Consumption Rate (lbs/hr): 950 lbs/hr
Consumption Rate (lbs/sf): 7 to 10 lbs/sf
# of Recycles: 1
Material Cost per sf :
w/o Recycles (StL)
Material Cost per sf:
w/ Recycles (StL)
Cost per Ton (FTL to StL): $160
(Freight $40)
QPL (< 1% Silica & < 3% Cl): MIL-A-22262 (SH)
Disposal Cost per Ton: $40/ton
Color: Black