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Clemco Blaster Equipment

Clemco Parts and Equipment

TCR Blast Abrasives is an Authorized Dealer of Clemco Industries blaster equipment and Clemco parts.

Clemco provides industrial-quality blast equipment and replacement parts. We take pride in the Clemco product that meet the aggressive demands of the Abrasive Blast markets.

If you are looking for portable blast machines, automated or manual blast cabinets, industrial blast facilities or dust collectors, we can help find the right model for you. We also provide Clemco Parts for existing applications.  Contact us today for more information.

TCR Blast Abrasives is available for on-site troubleshooting on all Clemco Equipment Setups

Abrasive Recover – M-Section®

The Clemco M-Section Abrasive Recycling System is a superior Abrasive Recovery System.

For an efficient, low cost abrasive recovery systems, the pneumatic based M-Section® is on the top of our list.

Why is the M-Section® so good?

  • Few moving wear parts which means minimal mechanical wear – extended long-term usage
  • The few wear areas that do exists can be rubber lined
  • Based on a pneumatic (vacuum) abrasive movement system
  • 2 HP Electric Motor is the only energy demand
  • May be configured for full-area or partial-area sweep-in recovery of spent abrasives.
  • M-Section® is perfect for enclosed batch operations

M-Section is ideal with use of the following media:

*This system is not suited for steel grit/shot

M-Section® systems are easy to operate and maintain – have few moving parts.

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