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Black Diamond Iron Silicate (Copper Slag)

  • High Performance blast abrasive
  • 3 sieve sizes available (Fine 30x60, Medium 20x40 & Coarse 12x40)
  • Silica free (<0.1%)
  • Available in 50 lb bags, 3000 lb super sacks, 4000 lb super sacks and bulk
  • Tech Data Sheet (PDF)
  • SDS (PDF)

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Abrasive Type: Iron Silicate
Shape: Angular
Bulk Density (lbs/cu.ft.): 120 lbs
Specific Gravity: 3.4
MOH Hardness: 6 to 7
Crystalline Silica Content: < 0.1% by weight
Potential for Embedment: Low (3%-6%)
Dust Levels: Low
Abrasive Fracture Potential: Low
Chloride Content: < 1% by weight
SSPC SP-10 Near White
(over new steel Rust Grade A/B)
Production Rate (sf/hr): 425 sf/hr
Consumption Rate (lbs/hr): 720 lbs/hr
Consumption Rate (lbs/sf): 1.5 to 2 lbs/sf
# of Recycles: 2
Material Cost per sf :
w/o Recycles (StL)
Material Cost per sf:                                                      
w/ Recycles (StL)                            
Cost per Ton (FTL to StL): $295
(Freight $100/ton)
QPL (< 1% Silica & < 3% Cl): MIL-A-22262 (SH)
Disposal Cost per Ton: $90/ton
Color: Black