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Garnet Blast Media

Garnet Blast Media can be a great abrasive option for many blast shop operations. Some of the technical details are listed below.

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  • Extremely hard (8 MOH Hardness) blast abrasive
  • Very low dust generation
  • Recyclable up to 5 times
  • Dry Blasting, Slurry Blasting, and Waterjet
  • Available in grit sizes of 30x60 to #120 (i.e., 4 mil to ¼ mil profile on new steel)
  • Lower consumption rates as compared to silica, coal slag or copper slag
  • By recycling and lowering lbs/sq.ft. consumed, greatly reduces abrasive cost and waste
  • < .5% Free Silica
  • Available in 50 lb bags and 2000 lb Super Sacks
  • Very high density - 145 lbs/cu. ft.
  • Tech support, technical data sheets and SDS available from TCR Blast Abrasives
  • Meets MIL-A-22262B(SH) and approved for NAVSEA and Department of Defense
  • Tech Data Sheet (PDF)
  • SDS (PDF)


Alluvial Garnet:

Alluvial Garnet Blast Media Abrasive for high blasting performance

Abrasive Type: Garnet
Shape: Angular to Subangular
Bulk Density (lbs/cu.ft.): 145 lbs
Specific Gravity: 4.1 g/
MOH Hardness: 7.5 to 8
Crystalline Silica Content: < 0.5%
Potential for Embedment: Very Very Low (< 1%)
Dust Levels: Very Low
Abrasive Fracture Potential: Low
Chloride Content: 0 to 15 ppm
---SSPC SP-10 Near White (over new steel Rust Grade A/B)---
Production Rate (sf/hr): 405 sf/hr
Consumption Rate (lbs/hr): 475 lbs/hr
Consumption Rate (lbs/sf): 1 to 2 lbs/sf
# of Recycles: 3 to 5
Material Cost per sf :
w/o Recycles (StL)
Material Cost per sf:
w/ Recycles (StL)
(Garnet abrasive price) Cost per Ton (FTL to StL): $530
(Freight $85)
QPL (< 1% Silica & < 3% Cl): MIL-A-22262 (SH)
Disposal Cost per Ton: $100/ton
Color: Dark Red to Pink