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Low Dust is Much More than Greater Visibility

  • Posted by: Keith Gabbard
  • Category: Abrasive Knowledge

Abrasives that generate very low Dust Levels during Abrasive Blasting will certainly improve operator efficiency due to enhanced visibility.

However, Low Dust Abrasives (LDA’s) have other benefits in addition to clearly seeing the work surface.

  • LDA’s are typically abrasives that do not break down easily upon impact – and therefore more energy is released on cleaning the substrate – rather than losing energy consumed in abrasive particle fracturing.
  • It follows that if more of the kinetic energy is imparted on the substrate, LDA’s will be more effective at removing corrosion products, mill scale, old coatings, etc. – when compared to high dusting abrasives (think silica sand, most coal slags, etc.).
  • Since LDA’s clean the substrate more efficiently, then accordingly less abrasive is required per square foot. LDA’s have the lowest Consumption Rates (lbs/sf) when compared to conventional high dust abrasives.
  • Lower Consumption Rates translate to less abrasive purchased per job – less handling of Abrasives – fewer orders.
  • LDA’s have less particle embedment in the substrate compared to conventional abrasive – therefore cleaner more pristine surface.
  • LDA’s typically exhibit faster Production Rates than conventional media – once again, more efficient kinetic energy transfer to the substrate will increase speed of surface preparation.
  • The use of LDA’s means Less Waste generated – Less in = Less out. Typical waste (regular landfill) runs anywhere from $100 to $200 per ton.  Blasting with LDA’s can save anywhere from 15 to 40% on Waste cost compared with dusty abrasives.
  • LDA’s generate less visible dust – and less PM10 breathable dust size – so the airborne hazards are significantly lower than conventional abrasives.
  • So, LDA’s generate less air pollutants – and lower overall Waste costs.

To illustrate the visual difference in Dust Levels, please see short videos below – the first one with a high dust level abrasive, the 2nd short video with Low Dust Abrasive:

High Dust Abrasive

[video src="" /]

High Dust Abrasives associated with:

  • High Consumption Rate
  • Low Production Rate
  • Elevated Waste Disposal cost
  • High Handling cost
  • Poor visibility

Low Dust Abrasive

[video src="" /]

LDA’s associated with:

  • Lowest Consumption Rate
  • Highest Production Rate
  • Least Waste Disposal cost
  • Low Handling cost
  • Outstanding visibility

We have completed dozens of field testing of abrasives – side-by-side – and almost universally, the lowest Dusting Abrasives will outperform the high dust abrasives given the same equipment, operators and substrates.

At TCR Blast Abrasives, we sell LDA’s – or High-Performance Abrasives – for dry or wet Blast Operations.  Please give us a call – or email to discuss your Surface Preparation needs.

Author: Keith Gabbard
Keith Gabbard has been helping blast shops and industrial painting contractors for almost 40 years and he understands the keys to improving blasting systems that can make a huge difference in your performance and profits.